Mino was born in Andernach (GERMANY) on 22/01/1980. He began his professional career in 1994 in the various salons in the province of Siena. In 1996 he began working with Fabrizio Del Buono in his salons in Siena. In 1997, he concluded two years of training at "National Academy of Education Hairdressers Siena" graduating successfully. In 2000, after a brief stint working in Chianciano Terme, he moved to Arezzo where he and Fabrizio Del Buono gave life to the project Privé, where he still works as a director. Since 2000, while working in the salon with Fabrizio Del Buono, he has also worked in the national territory for shows and photo shoots, promoting the collections of Salon Privé. He is a keen observer of Costume and is always growing professionally. He specializes in the application of hair extensions, creating natural and trendy looks.

Ela was born in Durres (Albania) on 20/01/1979. She moved to Italy in 1994 where she continued her studies in Accounting. She studied violin at the Conservatory for 12 years. In 1997, she began working with Fabrizio Del Buono at his salons of Siena. Since 1997, she has successfully participated in various training courses to perfect techniques and her knowledge of colors and waves. In 2000, she moved to Arezzo to continue her collaboration with Fabrizio Del Buono, becoming an integral part of the Privé project, as head colorist of the technical department. Since 2000, while continuing to work at Privé, she works for shows and photo shoots bringing her expertise and precision to the technical work.

Miri was born in Tirana (Albania) on 15/02/1990. She moved to Italy in 2008 and began working for Fabrizio Del Buono at Privé in 2009.
In 2013 participates in education courses Formazione Colore.
Currently, she is continuing her education in the technical department alongside Ela.

Martina was born in Arezzo (ITALY) on 15/07/1993.  She graduated from the Language High School in Castiglion Fiorentino.  In 2012 he started working for Fabrizio Del Buono at the Privé. In 2013 participates in education courses Formazione Colore.
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